Thursday, 28 May 2009

Daily abstracts is born

What is special about daily abstracts?

Its a humid day, sweat trickles down my spine and my temples. I wait for it to happen. I have been on the waiting for many impatient days, many uncountable hours. Why doesnt the sky open and shower down to the cracked earth?

I have learnt to live with the same uneasiness. I forget about it.

And then it happens...the drops trickle down from what seems like a sky located millions of light years away.. For the next few long minutes the drizzle caresses the things on earth like a masseur, after that the monsoon gathers momentum, force, and a boldness... Monsoon splashes like she was bewitched...

My inspiration to create art is as natural as the nature can be - Raw, virgin, bold, mild, shocking and moving...

This is my webportal to talk about talk about my works and the ones in progress and to stay connected with fellow artists.

Feel free to tell me whats on your mind,



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