Friday, 14 August 2009

Elephant by waters - ARTIST DIVYA SEKAR

Elephant by waters 2009

Big painting H - 27.6 inches W - 19.7 inches

This "elephant" is from my sister's trip to the state of Kerala in India...I took him out of her picture and put him into his new place in this painting, a sunset evening when he is taking a trip to the waters to quench his thirst. He is decked up and in all his majesty!

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

RED league - here we come - ARTIST DIVYA SEKAR

Red league 2009 copyright Divya Sekar

This is my last before one painting...

BIG TRIPTYCH (3 canvas) painting.. A league of people in red tones. The 2 smaller width canvas are painted using two different texture - lines and spongy texture. Red, oranges, beiges, gold, black H: 19.7 in Width: 39.4 in. Tell me what you think about the red league - men , women , join hands in hands and move ahead despite racial differences.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Treasure hunt 2009

Treasure hunt 2009 (click on image for details about the painting)

This is my recent work. A long deep painting.....

It felt like I was dealing with a long fiend when I painted this mystery abstract. I was tired at the end of many days of this painting project as it was quite a lot of 'action' and 'dynamics' to create this. But the following night when I visited the corner where he stood, I felt confided with this mystery-treasure hunt. If you like a serene fiend of a mystery, then this is for your walls. Has textures with several layers of patterns, abstract-shaped chips with contrasting colors. A dripping wet feeling add to the mystery of the treasure hunt.

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